Lebron James: Steroids Or Natural?

The social media, sports magazines,  and blogs have recently been spreading the steroid accusations of Lebron James, NBA superstar for using the PED’s and illegal drugs

Knowing that the favorite athlete uses the anabolic steroids sounds unpredictable. No one can imagine the favorite one as a cheater.

Lebron James is the NBA legend and experience steroids accusations recently.

So, Is it true that the Lebron James does steroid practices or is he completely natural?

The main question is, Are these accusations are true or wrong?

Do you think that there is any evidence that supports these types of anabolic steroids statements?

Let’s take a look for predicting an assumption.

Who is Lebron James?

Lebron James is the NBA legend AKA Greatest Basketball Players Of All Time and The Hall Of Fame Bound Player who experience the anabolic steroids practices from critics.

Lebron is a businessman who works in his personal brand and expands the interest to another.

He has a very good image that may interrupt by the steroid accusations and allegation of Performance Enhancing Drugs.

In the beginning of his career when he was entered into the professional ranks in the year 2003 thought that he would fail.

Phenq pills helps many athletes and bodybuilders with burning fat.

Lebron also suffered from the injuries, but he never loses his hard-working power and dedication.

The fame behind Lebron James is the full story of poverty and the hardship

Bill Simmons:

Bill Simmons is an American columnist AKA analyst. According to the Bill Simmons, the Lebron James are involved in the steroid scandals to enhance performance.

Simmons thought that the anabolic steroids are the reason to give a performance for disciplinary action.

In 2015, Bill Simons Podcaster and sports blogger forwarded the idea of anabolic steroid use.

There are other supplements like Phentermine for sale used by athletes for burning fat.

Lebron has quitted the OHSAA rules as well. Though, it is considered as that he breaks out the steroid rule.

The anabolic steroids have a bad reputation in the United States and they are not allowed to use in the sports for boosting up the competition.

Like other blogs on sportsman and athletes, today I’m going to discuss the Lebron James steroids that he is completely natural whether taking help from the steroids.

Did Lebron James Really Take Help From Performance Enhancing Drugs?

In the year 2015, the Lebron scored the high result in the NBA history.

Lebron high school performance attracted the NBA expert’s attention while NBA draft as the overall pick player.

Lebron has played the 4 seasons and won tournaments in the year 2013.

If the person banning perform very well and exceeding the natural range, so it is associated with the use of anabolic steroids.

The Lebron’s fan stated that the famous basketball player does not stains his reputation by using the supplements containing the foods which had proven effective in the sports.

Anabolic Steroids And Sports:

The anabolic steroids are widely used in the basketball games and different sports.

Testogen testosterone supplements improves testosterone level for men.

The main question is that whether these steroids used by Lebron James in the sports to enhance performance.

Lebron James is the basketball player and he has faced steroid accusations recently. Is he really feeling guilt for anabolic steroid use?

The social media and online sources begin to spread the rumors about an NBA superstar and LeBron James from the steroids to boost up the performance.

The experienced and professional athletes also believe that the Performance enhancing supplements may help you to achieve the goal.

Anthony Bosh Scandal revealed the post and the steroid user may punish for 4 year imprisonment in the scandal.

According to some information, Lebron and Nelson have a link to steroid clinic that is located in Miami.

There may four years of imprisonment if you are identified as the steroid user,

Despite athletes, There are many bodybuilders who already get the benefit from this performance-enhancing substance like Ronnie Coleman, Rich Piana, Arnold Schwarzenegger, And Frank Zane.

Take a look at the physical evidence to predict the condition.

  • Physical Evidence/ Sign Of Steroids:

The best way to identify the steroid user is observing his body.

The Lebron had an amazing and impressive physique that may develop the question whether he uses steroids or natural?

The Lebron James body has the lean and impressive physique means the low body fat that makes his biceps and arms are thick.

The height of Lebron is 6’8’’ and weight is 250lbs.

239lbs is naturally possible while he is 11lbs more than a recommended.

11lbs is not so more and can easily gain through workout training and nutrition plans.

Some of the banned substances can boost up the performance but, never increased muscularity.

The drug category is only enhancing the performance for competition.


If we look at the physical signs and symptoms of his body, so we can easily see the hairline on his head.

The hairline shows some badness and loss of hair.

We cannot predict the steroid users from only hair loss. There are many other signs are present by which we can predict.

  • Change In Behavior:

If we look up his career, so we can find out the increased aggression and irritability in his career.

Lebron becomes disrespectful and abusive in verbally as well as physically. The personality also shows depression.

According to some sources, the anabolic steroids side effects are included in the aggression, poor decision making, depression, disrespectful behavior and hair loss.

One of the Lebron James videos shows all of these behaviors.

These signs and symptoms are the possible side effects of anabolic steroids such as the Oxymetholone, Deca Durabolin, Methandienone, And Testosterone Esters.

  • Rapid Transformation:

Lebron James at the age of 16, looks very small and skinnier and show up the size and strength according to the expectation.

He put on some muscles and changed his appearance. From the time, he changed a lot in his appearance more prominently, the PEDs are using as Performance enhancing drugs since the age of teenagers.

He also underwent an amazing transformation in a short period of time.

  • The NBA (Drug Testing Federation):

The NBA has not regulated any type of policy to look out the position. The NBA is known for determining the HGH in the blood of sports player.

This federation conducting tests to determine the sportsmen blood for any type of drug including anabolic steroids, HGH, and insulin.

I never heard once that Lebron James failed in any one of testing required in the NBA.

Flex Lewis has announced that he will no longer compete in Men’s 212 after the Mr. Olympia 2018.

The NBA does not have the issues related to PED’s similar to the MLB and NFL.

Lebron James Talked About Steroid Use:

The sportsman has admitted steroid practice like testosterone for treatment/medical purposes.

Although, the case is going to court for providing an unjust advantage in the sports to boost up the performance.

Lebron has used testosterone for disease treatment simultaneously, an advantage to the basketball that is unfair.

Man Pro-players can’t reach to the level of greatness and professional play without using performance-enhancing drugs and more probably, they can easily get the prescription from a doctor.

Lebron James Steroids:

If Lebron using the steroids for the bulking so he could also take some help from the training to improve the strength and performance enhancing drugs as well.

The height, performance, and everything matters in the sports.

If the goal is a bulking or muscular body so, it is typical to gain less with the help of steroids so it is probably unexpected.

Lebron admitted own self is testosterone steroid for the treatment.

Testosterone is the king hormone in the bodybuilding, it can use in the both bulking and cutting cycles.

Lebron James also uses the natural supplements to boost up his performance, such as the creatine, amino acids, and protein shakes.

The Types Of Anabolic Steroids- Possible Cycle Of Athlete:

If Lebron done the steroid practice of sports so, what kind of these steroids.

These steroids may include:

  • HGH
  • Stimulants
  • Anabolic
  • Supplement

Some people refer the testosterone and HGH for the competition. These are the synthetic version of these hormones.

Human Growth Hormone:

Human Growth Hormone is naturally produced in the Human body through the pituitary gland for building up lean muscle mass and boost up protein production in the body.

The sports commentators generally faced HGH allegation.

The performance-enhancing drugs are completely available in the pharmaceutical market but, each of them requires a prescription.


Different individuals have different assumptions.

Here’s why you should avoid garcinia cambogia extract diet pills.

According to us, Lebron James may use the steroids to get in shape and defined the physique rather than bulking anabolic steroids.

The James always look as big and muscular.

It is more commonly assumed that the Lebron could have taken help from the steroids and performance-enhancing drugs to win the competition.

More generally, Lebron does not need of any performance enhancing drugs to win the competition.

Although, it is confirmed that he has used the best testosterone supplements for medical purposes.

There are many evidences are available related to Lebron James steroids, but his own self, he admitted anabolic steroid use.

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